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soon – design

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Leaving things undone is still worse than doing nothing.
Do a complete report and clean up after yourself.



Drawing out

The design we propose is not just about looks and ease of use.
It’s the design of systems that create sustainable value.

At soon-design, we believe that solving people’s problems is the key to business growth.
All businesses and services must be needed by people to survive.

For this reason, we will listen carefully to understand your business, find out what issues and latent needs you have,
and create new value together. There is no point in creating value if it is not sustainable.

Through strategic knowledge and design thinking, we support the interaction between business results and user experience, so that the business can grow to deliver value and sustainability to as many people as possible.

Drawing out



We are not responsible for a portion of the advertising, but a large percentage of the projects we are involved in, starting with the planning and proposal of the product or service.

We share our clients’ values and mindset with each other, strategize on how to communicate the value, and design branding construction and concepts.

・Advertising (flyers, pamphlets, magazines, posters, etc.)
・Package design, product planning and development
・Branding from the upstream stage of the business
・Media Proposal
・Pre-releases to promote services and products